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Root Canal Filling Materials > DIATEMP

  • Millimeter marked for quick and easy method for depth measurements.
  • All points are laser inspected to ensure the tightest tolerances surpassing ISO standards.
  • Calcium Hydroxide for temporary root canal treatment.
  • Dia-Temp (A Visible, Light Cured Temporary Filling Material)

    - Quick and simple removal: Can be removed in one piece
    - High wear resistance, mechanical strength
    - Ensures a fast set
    - Excellent adhesion
    - Easy application: Convenient syringe dispensed material does not required mixing
    - Blue Dia-Temp is ideal for Posterior teeth
    - Yellow Dia-Temp is ideal for Anterior teeth
    - Blue / Yellow


    - Temporary restorations of prepared cavity
    - Low viscosity: excellent flowability allows fast and easy application to various shapes of teeth and especially ideal for deep inlays
    - Great for implant access holes
    - Elastic: quick and simple removal in one piece
    - Good adhesion for tight sealing of margins
    - Strong and durable: high resistance to external force